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The Numerology Chart

Over the time human being has evolved several techniques and methods in order make them happy and give them an idea about the way in which they want to lead their life, numerology is out of these several methods. This method has gained a great popularity and hype among the people all around the world. Numerology is based on the idea that in one way or the other the physical objects and the human beings themselves are associated with a certain category of numbers and these numbers relate to the decision making and day t day activities, it is also believed that these numbers have a great influence over the life of an individual as these numbers have connections and relationship with the men kind and the related objects. All the predictions and suggestions are being formulated via the help of the number from one to nine. The numerology calculations are based on the numbers that are placed on the numerology chart, this chart is being constructed by the professions only and the process of making suggestions and forecast are also being made these professional who formulate the numerology charts. The numerology chart help the individual in making the choices that which area of life the person has to be focused and what are the different fields of life where the person is lacking behind. This chart also guides the person in making wise decisions about their life and their field of interests that might have been troubling for a long time. There are a number of people who have a strong believe over the numerology chart and the numbers as well, it is just because of the reason that there are millions of people who have been achieving by it and even the count is on and it tends to continue as long as people will assume that they are being benefited through this.


water music...

Parents drove off tonight. Yeah. They drove from Texas to Spokane, and start driving home in the morning.

We had a good visit. We went and saw the Spokane River in flood, but we decided not to kayak it...this time...unlike OTHER law breaking citizens...you know who you are!

Other than that little outing, that's all we did. Southerners, you see, visit. We sit around, and, well, visit. We eat, drink tea, take naps, and visit.

I'm off the rest of the week though, and household projects are calling, so I can't say that I'll be back to posting regularly just yet...

Love to all!

taking a holiday...

My parents are in town. I'll post when I can. See you all in about a week, or so..or maybe sooner.. who knows!

10,000 days = 27 years...

...this might be lengthy...bear with me, if you want.

Would you ever imagine a guy like me, who writes the kind of hopeful drivel that I write, would enjoy a band like Tool? Me either, actually. What kind of images do you get in your head when you think of Tool? I remember when, for me, their dark and heavy music was the soundtrack to a meth or coke addict life, lying somewhere on a vomit and blood encrusted shag carpet in some two-bit motel on the seedy side of town. People lock their car doors when they hear their music, the car doors in their minds. I always got the impression that their listener base was out on the fringes of sanity and embedded in the throws of substance abuse and multiple piercings of as many bodily locations as possible. Admittedly, that image isn't entirely wrong. But, as with most things, the first impression isn't always the right impression...the truth isn't always black and white...it's somewhere in between.

Alrighty, then ... picture this if you will.
10 to 2 AM, X, Yogi DMT, and a box of Krispy Kremes,
in my "need to know" pose, just outside of Area 51
Contemplating the whole "chosen people" thingy
when a flaming stealth banana split the sky
like one would hope but never really expect
to see in a place like this.
Cutting right angle donuts on a dime
and stopping right at my Birkenstocks,
I remember when Rush was called, by a radio jockey somewhere in Texas, the "thinking man's metal band." I thought about that, and said, yeah.. that's true. Peart's writing, while a little too Ayn Rand for my tastes these days, was always interesting and thoughtful. With Tool, it's not quite the same, however. Their Parental Advisory lyrics are peppered with images that would curl your nose hairs, and dark thoughts that would make you cringe. However, in the darkness, there is sometimes clarity. Intellectual? Not really. Introspective? Often. You don't have to be college educated to be self-aware...so why are so many fans of Tool complete...well, tools? I don't really know. Perhaps they're drawn to the danger of the darkness like a moth is drawn to the edge of the flame. One thing's for sure, you'll never find me at a Tool concert. Why? I'd likely be beaten up and rolled for drug money.
Then the X-Files being,
Looking like some kind of blue-green Jackie Chan
with Isabella Rossellini lips, and breath that reeked of
vanilla Chig Champa
Did a slow-mo Matrix descent
Outta the butt end of the banana vessel

So why in the name of all that is sacred and hopeful, do I find any compelling reason to listen to Tool? It's just the music, really. It's the atmospheres they create so well. They're dark, and sometimes make your skin crawl, and that takes talent, in my limited opinion. Also, mathematics is their friend. Moving from 6/8 to 4/4 to 3/4 to 2/2 in the space of one musical phrase might be jarring to the untrained ear, but musical candy to geeks like me. Their way of rolling the harmony around a bouncing bell-toned drone note perks up my ears and causes me to give a listen.


And after calming me down
with some orange slices
and some fetal spooning,
E.T. revealed to me his singular purpose.
He said, "You are the Chosen One,
the One who will deliver the message.
A message of hope for those who choose to hear it
and a warning for those who do not."
Me. The Chosen One?
They chose me!!!
And I didn't even graduate from f^#&in' high school.

Tool's album 10,000 days has to be, in my opinion, the best of their efforts so far, and I applaud them, even if their fan base, and indeed, the members of Tool themselves, would all give me the one finger salute for trying to dissect their music like the psych patient that it is right before they slug me in the face.

Monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground.
Silly monkeys give them thumbs they make a club,
And beat their brother down.
How they survive so misguided is a mystery.
Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability,
To lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.

i'd rather be in my garden...

Morning appointment, slept in.

Afternoon appointment, blood drawn.

Workday abbreviated, headache still.

Youngest fell off a toy, blood from lip.

Away I leave, again.

Goodbye Monday. I don't trust you anymore. I'll see you next week.

i promise to never do this again...seriously..

originally uploaded by toadmaster.
...this is just, well, something I should have never done, ever. I think I'll just stick to posting videos of the kids and writing instead. See how I mumble? How I can't talk very well? Yeah...back to writing. No more of this. This is bad. Also, I'm really not this insane in person. Really. Don't be to frightened (like I was after viewing myself.).

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone!

what the hail!?

Growing up in Texas, I'm used to storms on scales so epic as to be biblical in their scope. It's really hard to explain to the up-landers here in the atmospherically calm Inland Northwest, really, and truly, what they were like.

They made you feel small. Tiny, in fact. They made you feel helpless. Like trying to hold back the tide. There was nothing, really, you could do to stop them, and very little you could do to defend yourself against them. People living in Tornado Alley will understand this. People sometime ask me if this is the reason we moved away from our tiny home in tornado alley. I answer, emphatically, "NO" when asked this. We moved for other reasons.

So why do I bring this up on this calm and sunny spring day here in the inland northwest? Simple. I have a niece who lives in Austin Texas. Yeah...Austin, that little spot of blue smack dab in the middle of all that Texas red. That little oasis if "hip" in the middle of all that "hick." Yeah. THAT Austin. Anyway, she got hammered last night by a hailstorm the likes of which would wither and crumple the weather weak of the inland northwest. She endured weather that would have reduced an inland north westerner to tears and have them whimpering and praying in a corner. She's got the pictures and video's to prove it...here: http://wittlemelody.blogspot.com/

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