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What is numerology?

All day we deal with lots of things, in these things we also deal with a variety of numbers such as telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, birthday, and date, our financial data or information which is tabulated in numbers. Numerology is basically the study of numbers, represent able numbers though which numerologist find out the various aspects of our human lives such as how they react to other people, how they behave to other people, their strengths, talents, their needs and wants, their reactions, emotional stability, obstacles as well as ways of dealing with others.

Numerologist as well as the students of numerology uses the letters in a word like your full name or your date of birth and then they reduce it in a single number. The single number that they got tells them about various human perspectives such as how they behave with other, what are the emotional reactions of them to others, what are their strengths, weaknesses, talents, their needs, wants, desires etc.

Numerologist find out the major frequencies of a person by using the name and date of birth of that person as it is the basic principle of numerology. Numerology tells you about how your life will be in future and what was it in the past. It can be determine by the use of your date of birth.

Numerology was invented around thousands of years. Some people see it as a study of science with little meanings, despite the fact that other people see it as it is a way to understand our futures lives as well as the world around us. Life path numerology tells you about your future life perspectives. Basically, it helps you live your future life in a best way apart from it; it also tells you about how you are intended to live your life.

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