[         s         y         n         a         p         t         i         c                         d         i         s         u         n         i         o         n         ]

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Numerology Life Path 11

Life path numerology tells you about your future life perspectives. Basically, it helps you live your future life in a best way apart from it; it also tells you about how you are intended to live your life. Numerology tells you about how your life will be in future and what was it in the past.

The person with a life path 11 is a source of inspiration for others. They have a huge amount of energy and power. They really do not know that how much powerful and energetic they are. They can handle every situation. They are usually kind hearted and have an optimistic approach. They attract others by their personality traits and people join them without delay in their mission or goal. They have the ability to evaluate others in a very short time frame.

In history many of the inventors, leaders, artists, sportsmen, and prophets have had with life path 11. They have very high expectations with themselves that might be annoyed them sometimes if they can not achieve their goals or fulfill their expectations. They are usually impractical in nature that’s a big negative aspect in their personality. They have a good sense of humor through which they are trying to attract people towards them. They usually have a desire to achieve something really great. They lose their confidence level abruptly.


The person with a life path number 11 and 2 are so much similar, as they are so much similar positive and negative points. They can be extremely diplomatic with the situations. They want to work in groups or teams and they love peace and harmony. They are also patient and co-operative. They are sentimental and passionate lover they always want to fulfill the needs, wants and desires of their love ones. They are caring and have healing capabilities.


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