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Numerology Numbers

For a long time human being has been curious about finding out the different techniques and methods that could help in knowing the future and controlling their destiny or telling something about the destiny of life. Although it is said that it is not possible to control the future but still is in the nature of human being of trying to make the impossible into possible and people have been successful in doing so by the help of numbers and alphabets, anyhow here we will be focusing on the influence of numbers only.

Number 1 in numerology represents the different skills related to management and control, they also are very determined, do have strongest will power, able to achieve success etc.

Number 2 numerology traits are that they are considered to be caring, diplomatic, modest, loving etc.

Number 3 are motivating, love to enjoy, creative and have the positive approach towards everything.

Number 4 have the ability to think practically, they are always on time, most reliable and trust worthy.

Number 5 have the ability to communicate with almost everyone very easily; their verbal skills are of no match.

Number 6 usually are artist, actors, teachers etc.

Number 7 are always in search of the truth and facts; they are the true collector of knowledge.

Number 8 are broad minded, result oriented, self disciplined etc.

Number 9 have the ability to tolerate, create, they are selfless etc.



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