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Love numerology

In one way numerology is used to understand various human perspectives such as how they react to other people, how they behave to other people, their strengths, talents, their needs and wants, their reactions, emotional stability, obstacles as well as ways of dealing with others as well as on the other way numerology can also be used as to calculate the compatibility between you and your love one, you and your life partner.

There are so many ways to calculate the love numerology such as by using love calculator, numerology compatibility charts etc. In love calculator you can put your date of birth or name and your partner’s date of birth or name. On the other hand numerology compatibility charts helps those who can not understand the direction of his/her life like love by the means of charts. This tells you about the personality characteristics of your and your partner. The numerology compatibility chart use numbers for instance birth number, destiny number, a motivation number etc.

Some people believe that numerology also decides the success or failure in your marriage. They strongly believe that if you want success in your married life then you have to follow the basic rules if you ignore or avoid them then you face anger in your life or may be a divorce. Love numerology can be used to find out as well as to compare the compatibility of two people in various ways. These numerology love test are the source of fun, entertainment but also sometimes it is very accurate.

People believe that numerology has been invented by a Greek philosopher and mathematician named Pythagoras. Afterwards the various kinds of numerology have been inverted time to time like Kabbalah, Chaldean and Pythagorean. These all three kinds have their own ways to define numerology and love numerology.

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