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Numerology Course of Existence and Self-Expression

Among numerous numerological readings, there are two having the highest importance. These are the Course of Existence and Self-Expression, which we will discuss now. By referring to descriptions of basic numbers above you can find out the meaning of your personal numbers.

Numerology Course of Existence
The most essential number in numerology is the Course of Existence number. Numerologist with task to characterize a person by using only one primary number will surely say about the Course of Existence number.

Numerology Self-Expression
The second important number is the Self-Expression number. It is responsible for describing one’s innate talents. Besides natural abilities, it can also show which skills can be developed to the greatest degree. Any talent requires practice, development and proper application despite of a commonly believed idea that a talented person must be born to it.  It can often be noticed that a person intuitively chooses an occupation or career which involves use of his or her innate talents.


The Self-Expression number is calculated by adding the numeric values associated to each letter in the person’s full name and further simplification to the basic number. For more details on this method refer to the table found at Principal Numeric Conversion section above.
This essay pursues the goal of covering only fundamentals of numerology. If you are interested in a deeper research, there are plenty of decent works for further reading.


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