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Life path number calculation
Life path calculation
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What is your life path number?

Your life path number is the sum of your date of birth that denotes what kind of a person you were at the time of birth and what native attributes you will carry through your life. This represents the nature of the journey of your life. There are both, positive and negative, traits that are owned by any individual and knowing them can help you in leading a successful life.

Calculating a life path number is very simple. You first need to know your exact date of birth, then add your month to your date and again add this sum to your birth year. You will get a four digit number which is to be reduced to get a single digit number. For example, if a person is born on 14 august 1989 then add 8 to 14 which are 22 and then consolidate this sum with the year and the total comes out to be 2011. By adding 2+0+1+1, you get the life path number of the individual to be 4. Once the number is calculated you may check its meaning and significance from the list provided over the internet.

Along with life path numbers, there are few master numbers like 22 or 11 that influence the life path of an individual. Our lives revolve around numbers out of which our date of birth matters a lot. By knowing the life path number, one can know more about any individual and thus can lead a happy and successful life or a relationship. So if you want to know about your traits in life and how your life path would be or what kind of a personality you will hold in your life must calculate your life path number and reveal the nature of your life.


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