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Numerology - The Number Of Your Life Path

Everybody of us has its own number of his life path. Such a number can tell much about us and describe our behavior and character. The life path number plays an important role in numerology and can be easily calculated.
To calculate your life path number, you'll need to sum up the numbers of your birth date. Here is an example:
Let’s suppose that the birth date of some person is December 26, 1987. December = 12th month. 1987 = 1,9,8,7.
Step 1) 26(day) + 12 (month) + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 (year) = 26 + 12 + 25 = 63.
Step 2) We got 63, and now we have to sum two digits of this number - 6 and 3
Step 3) 6 + 3 = 9, so the life path number of our person in this example is 9.

As you see, the life path number always fits in the diapason between 1 and 9. If you get 10 and more, you need to repeat the second step once again.

Numerology Life path 1 - People who have a number one of life path are leaders. They are ambitious, active, very independent and extraordinary. The number one means that a person with this life path number stands alone, and it helps him to achieve the goals he had defined earlier. Such a position is very important for such people, thus making it a hard time to work in a group for them. They respect honesty and punctuality. People with this number are sensitive about criticism. They become angry very easy. 'Number ones' are also often lazy enough and sometimes aggressive. Their characters are often described as dictative.

Numerology Life path 2 - Number two mainly means partnership. People with this number can hardly work alone and need to have another person around them. A person with this life path number has a character that can be described as very diplomatic, which means that the conflict can be solved easily with such people. 'Number twos’ always need harmony and love at home and are good partners in life, and that is very important for them.

Numerology Life path 3 - Those people have big chances to become good actors, teachers, traders, orators, writers, etc., as their natural talent is a wonderful ability to use words. People with a life path number three are very independent, optimistic, and positive persons. They are also good friends. Family and harmony play important roles in their lives.


Numerology Life path 4 - Number four symbolizes patience and emotionality. People with this number like to keep everything around them in order. They are also honest, brave and learn on their mistakes, thus appreciating the experience they have. 'Number fours' are always busy as they like to work hard. It is so important for them they don't like to be interrupted. Thus engineer and similar professions fit best for them. Fours' friends are often active.

People with a number 5 of numerology life path like changes, so changing places and works is about them. Finding new friends is always a problem for such persons. Their love to travel trained them to make important decisions fast. 'Five numbers' are good at working at tourism agencies. The necessity of new adventures is very important for these people. It is also found that 'fives' are also good writers and detectives.


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