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Numerology Life Path
Numerology Life Path 5-9


Numerology - The Number Of Your Life Path (continued 5-9)

Numerology number of life path 6. These people feel responsibility for their existence in surrounding families and societies, as the beauty and harmony around them play an important role in their life. They like to attract as much attention as possible. You can trust person with number six of life path. He/she likes music and love. Such people distinguish good and bad things very well. They always glad to help their friends and don't like to work physically, so look for a job with the applying of their intellect. 'Six' loves nature and is very artistic. People with life path number six are always good in music and achieve great success in music industry.

Numerology Life path 7 - Seven symbolizes wisdom, and so people with this life path number are always seeking wisdom. If there is a mystery appears in their life, they try to find the answers to it. 'Number sevens' do not trust strangers and almost all of the time are quiet. Similar to people with number six, they like to use their minds instead of applying their physical abilities. Patience and love to working alone are their distinctive features.

Numerology number of life path 8. Eight means achieving goals, as people with these number love power and money. They always balance between spiritualism and materialism. In order to achieve their goals such people are always active and hard workers. That is why businessmen and owners of big companies often have their life path number eight. They always know how to deal with money, as in other case they risk to easily get lost in our materialist world.


Numerology number of life path 9. Number nine symbolizes humanism and compassion.  'Nines' are patient, emotional, smart and kind persons. They can easily share their love with everyone and defend those who need it. People with this number are idealists and romantics, so if they fall in love, this is really serious. Money and power affect these people negatively.


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