Professional Characteristics: the major has passed the international substantially equivalent engineering education professional certification, and the engineering degree is internationally recognized. This major is oriented by social development and demand, characterized by fine chemical industry and applied catalytic technology, aiming at cultivating excellent engineers who master basic theories and professional knowledge of chemistry and chemical industry, have the ability to simulate and optimize the production process of modern enterprises, innovate knowledge, develop and design new processes and develop new products, and engage in engineering design, technology development, production management, chemical trade and other work in the fields of petroleum industry, fine chemical industry, new materials, pharmacy, environment, energy, etc.



Main Courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Principles, Chemical Instrument Automation, Chemical Technology Economics, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Design, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Separation Engineering, Chemical Process Analysis and Synthesis, Chemical Technology, Chemical Enterprise Management, Industrial Catalysis, Chemical Trade, Daily Chemical Technology, Fine Chemical Industry Technology, Introduction of Energy and Chemical Industry, Fine Organic Synthesis, Application of Catalytic Technology, Fine Chemical Process and Equipment, etc.




Employment Direction: graduates of this major have a wide range of employment. They can be engaged in design, development, production and operation, management and trade in petrochemical, fine chemical and related enterprises. They can be engaged in research and engineering design in research institutes, design institutes and other institutions of chemical and related products. They can also be engaged in standardization and other technical and management work of product inspection and quality supervision institutions.