【Academic lecture】English Technical Writing


Topic: English Technical Writing

Speaker: LiJune-Ming, Ph.D. Department of Chemistry, University of South Florida


Language  learning is on the one hand very intuitive process wherein it takes  children only a few years to achieve, while on the other hand it takes  many more years to mater wherein many cannot compose an article even  into their adult years.While the intuitive language learning in children  register in the “language area” of the brain, putting together a  scientific report requires more organization in different areas of the  brain and other supporting skills, including logical, analytical, and  rational thinking, memory retrieval, creativity and innovation, word  usage, proper construction of sentences, and maintaining a good flow of  the entire report, and a strong background in the selected discipline of  the report.Thus, there is no single panacea for improving English  learning and writing in one shot without all the other supporting  skills.In this presentation, some guidelines will be discussed to lay a  foundation for students to gain better ideas about “English learning and  writing” with repeated and consistent practices, like in all “kungfu  practices”.

Time: 2023.06.20 09:30-11:00

Tencent meeting:889 456 169